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 A Hair Mineral Analysis

Uncover your mineral balance and see if you have accumulations of heavy metals

HAIR-Scan tests for 16 minerals and 5 heavy metals.  

We test on precisely these minerals and heavy metals, as they are the ones on which the best documentation is available.


As the hair grows approx. 1 cm per month, 3 cm of your hair (this measured from the scalp and out) will give a picture of the body's mineral balance corresponding to the impact over the last 3 months.


When symptoms and diseases need to be clarified and investigated, this very feature is used to be able to give a picture of the impact back in time.


Hair mineral analyzes have been used for the last 40-50 years, and are today considered a good and effective supplement to common examination methods such as blood and urine analyzes, which give a here and now picture.

Just do the following:


You will need a sample kit consisting of a bag, a checklist (patient sheet) and answer envelope. This is requested for free by simply clicking here and filling out the form.


That's how easy it is - Hair from the back of the head is the most suitable. Use clean scissors and cut all the way in at the scalp. Just a teaspoon of 0.25 grams should be used. 

The analysis costs € 130, - and includes a detailed report, which explains what is measured outside normal areas. -


The report that we send to you also provides a treatment proposal.

The treatment proposal includes suggestions for nutritional supplements.

​Excerpt from a report
Hårmineralanalyse resultat
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