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Do you have the right balance in your body?

We can help you map your mineral balance and check if you have an accumulation of heavy metals.


Easy & painless via a small tuft of hair
Do you recognize anything?

Can you recognize any of these symptoms: weakened immune system, headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, reduced activity or rheumatic problems ...


These symptoms may be due to an imbalance in the minerals and or accumulation of toxins in the body.


Heavy metal poisoning may be suspected to be behind many neurological diseases, and it may be a cause for everyday ailments such as  increased stress, headache, migraine, fatigue and  memory  problems.



We're looking for an explanation

The hair is a living part of our body and reflects our state of health.


The hair lives and grows by taking  nutrients from the body.


In the hair follicle, which is the living part, the hair is supplied with nourishment through small blood vessels. The hair receives everything the small blood vessels offers.


Minerals and heavy metals are  deposited in the hair, where they are tied and remain unchanged in the grown hair.


Thus, the analysis shows the exact  mineral and heavy metal concentration that has accumulated in the hair tissue.

It's that easy!


Order our hair  kit  and cut a small piece of the hair, preferably from the neck area and send it to us in the enclosed envelope.


  After about  10 working days  you wil receive  a detailed overview and recommendations for achieving the proper balance.


The report  explains what is measured outside the normal areas - that is, if you were to be burdened by heavy metals or have a mineral imbalance.


The report also gives a proposal for treatment.




Well Documented

Hair mineral analysis  is nothing new. They have for many years been used in forensics for investigating causes of death, but also by  practitioners who wants  a mineral profile as part of an overall picture of their patients for diagnostic use.

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